in my 3rd semester print class I made illustrations to current newspaper articles and cut those into linoleum. all together I had to chose two articles and make two different linocuts to each of the articles.







the first article was about doctors starting to prescribe surfing lessons against depression.






"surfing as a treatment for autism and PTSD, as well as for anxiety and depression, is finally making its way to New York after finding fans in California over the past few decades. the benefits have made surfing an unexpected putlet for those who don't find success with traditional therapy" 










"surfing before a session forces patients to put their guard down, allowing for deeper conversation, faster. 'living in NYC, you have guards up to get through the day, when you get to the room it's hard to drop that'".







the second artical was a sweet story about a swan couple. one of them got stuck in a fence and the other one didn't leave his side trying to help it out of its miserable place.